Everything You need to Know about Cronoscar Car Rentals at the Airport

When you arrive in a city for the first time, your main worry is finding car rental services quickly and efficiently, preferably directly in the airport. But you should not count on a rent a car office opened there, but to be certain that the car you want is already in the parking lot, waiting for you. How can you be sure of this? By choosing a car for rent from Cronoscar, the professional car rentals company truly close to its clients.

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The Advantages of Renting in Advance with Delivery in Airport

Whether you are on business or vacationing, your time is certainly planned out. But if you cannot count of a rental car, you will lose valuable time looking for an affordable offer in the airport of the surrounding area. Moreover, you will certainly pay a larger tariff which includes the airport fee, which car rental companies with airport offices are obliged to collect.

But this is the advantageous alternative available to you: rent your favorite car online from Cronoscar and specify that you want to pick it up at the airport. In this way, once you took your luggage from the conveyor belt, you can go straight to the parking area, where our representative will hand over the car. Thus, you save time and money and you can count on a car which is suited to your needs, chosen from our car rental fleet of over 700 new, unbranded cars (2018 and 2019 models).

Useful Information for Car Rentals for Foreign Citizens

If you are working as an expat, you probably spend month or years in Romania. The most convenient means of transport for you in this case is a rental car.

These are the documents and conditions necessary for signing a car rental agreement with a Romanian company:

  • The minimum age for renting a car is 21 years; even if in your country it is a lower age, you must comply with this condition;
  • You must show a passport as identification document and an European or international driving license, valid at least 1 year from the date of the rental agreement;
  • If you want to hire a driver, their name must be entered into the car rental agreement and they must meet the same criteria above.

For any additional information concerning our car rental services in the airport, please contact our Call Center department at +40 721.251.070.

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