Rental conditions

Our cars can only be rented by people who hold a valid, national or international driving license for at least one (1) year old, over 21 years of age. When picking up the car, the customer must provide the identity document (ID and passport) and a credit or debit bank card within the term of validity and with his / her name printed on the face of the card.

The rented car may also be driven by another person, only if they have been included in the rental contract and the additional driver's fee has been paid. The Romanian law punishes both the person who is driving illegally and the person who entrusted the car.

In order to confirm your reservation, we may request an advance payment of 50 euro, amount that will be deducted from the total amount of days to rent. In the event of cancellation or non-attendance at the time of pick-up, the amount paid as an advance payment will not be refunded.

The reservation of any car is made on the respective class and the car model, color and type are not considered to be guaranteed.

A 50 euro administration fee is charged for handling any damage and / or fines related to the rental period.

Car pickup / return

The car will be delivered at the location and at the time set in the booking, in good working order, clean and fully fueled, mentioning this in the minutes. Returning the car will be done at the location and time set in the reservation. Change of location, date, and retrieval time is only allowed with Cronoscar's agreement. The return is considered complete only after the signing of the return form by Cronoscar and the Client. The non-return of the car to the agreed term constitutes an offense of illegitimate possession of the car and is sanctioned according to the Romanian Penal Code, the company reserving the right to act according to the law and to inform the Police about the theft of the car. Failure to return the car at the specified date obliges the client to pay a rent of 10 euro/hour.

The customer checks the condition of the car before delivery of the car and states in the Inspection Sheet all damages existing at the time of delivery of the car. Upon the return of the car, the Customer will be liable for any other damage not listed in the Return Sheet.

For delivery / return of the car outside business hours (08:30-18:30, Monday through Sunday) and on the days set as legal holidays, a delivery fee of 15 euro / delivery (or return) will be charged.

In the event of returning the car dirty or at night or in weather conditions that prevent inspection of the car, the deposit is returned within maximum of 2 working days after the car is inspected under optimum conditions.

Leaving the country with rented cars can only be done after Cronoscar's acceptance, in writing, under certain conditions. A daily mileage may be applied and extra miles will be charged at 0.20 euro/km. An extra charge may be required for obtaining border crossing documents (between 7 euro/day and 100 euro/day depending on transit countries and the desired insurance option, but not less than 50 euro/rent), and the daily fare and deposit, in these cases, may increase. In the event that the obligation to notify the car rental company is breached, the customer will be responsible for the full amount of the car in any case of theft or accident or any other malfunctions of the car. Including if Cronoscar grants the acceptance to exit Romania, if during the rental period damages and/or road events arise, the Customer has the obligation to return the car to Romania.

Smoking in vehicles property of Cronoscar is strictly forbidden. In case of non-compliance, a 50 euro fee will be charged.

Deposit and types of deposit

In any case, on delivery, a 250-2000 euro deposit may be required. Payment of the deposit will be made in RON at UniCredit Bank's exchange rate on the day of payment or in another currency - EUR or USD or by credit/debit card Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or Mastercard. This amount will be refunded when the car is returned in good condition and bodywork, with all the documents, accessories and equipment available. The customer is obliged to return the car to the date, office and location mentioned in the contract, in the same condition as it was received.

Fuel policy

The customer must use only fuel purchased from authorized fuel stations. The car will be returned with the same amount of fuel (mentioned in the Delivery Sheet) that it had at the beginning of the rental period. Otherwise, the Customer will pay the difference between the existing fuel upon return and the existing fuel at departure at the rate of 2euro / liter. There is no credit for fuel in addition to the existing quantity at departure.

Types of Insurance:

Standard Franchise Insurance - Standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with high franchise (800 euro - 2000 euro). If the car is damaged or stolen, you will pay up to the amount representing the franchise (excess).

Partial Liability Insurance – Collision Damage Waiver (CDW +) with low franchise (200 euro - 1000 euro). If the car is damaged or stolen, you will pay up to the amount representing the franchise (excess). In case of technical defects of the vehicle during the rental contract due to causes that are not the fault of the customer, we provide you Road Assistance and Car Change Service in maximum 24 hours within the limit of availability.

Full Insurance – Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) *. The retained collateral / franchise is 0, and you will not pay anything in case of damage or theft of the rented car if you do not find yourself in the condition of an Uncovered Insurance Policy. In the event of accident or technical malfunction, you will benefit from the 24/7 Road Assistance and Car Change Service, within the availability range, throughout Romania.

* The SCDW (WARRANTY 0) product does not benefit customers below 25 years of age and customers who have been granted their driver's license in countries where they travel on the right side.

Conditions not covered by Insurance

No indemnities are granted or the insurance ceases to be effective in the following cases:

  • when the damage was deliberately provoked by the customer or by his negligence (eg for staining or burning of upholstery, breaking the window for entering the car, loss of inventory on board).
  • when damage is due to fires, explosions, etc., caused by customers by using open fire or open flame illumination;
  • when the client deliberately did not take steps to limit the damage and this is the result of legally drawn acts;
  • if, at the time of the damage, the car was driven by a person other than those listed in the rental agreement;
  • damages to tires or wheels (if they have not resulted from a fire or accident);
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs;
  • leaving Romania without Cronoscar's consent;
  • if the customer does not hand over the documents received from the police (in case of accident / damage / theft) when the car is returned;
  • damage to parts or components of the car by failure to comply with the loading and anchoring rules during transport, damage caused both to the exterior and interior of the car by the action of corrosive substances;
  • damage to the car during or as a result of towing, hauling or transporting, where the customer has entrusted, with his consent, the insured vehicle to a person refusing to return it;
  • in the event that during the vehicle was not in use or after the driver left the car, the key was left in the ignition or inside the vehicle or the doors (including the luggage compartment door) were not locked, the windows were not closed, the registration certificate was left in the car.

In all the above situations, the Customer is obliged to bear the full value of the damages caused to the car.

Accidents or damages

In case of accident or damage, the customer is obliged:

  • to take all measures to limit the damage;
  • to notify the closest investigative body, the police, the prosecutor's office, requesting the preparation of legal documents;
  • to ensure that the car is adequately secured for as long as it is not used.

Documents that must be obtained from the nearest Police station or the Insurance issuer in case of accident, destruction of property or theft:

A. Easy accident, no victims, maximum 2 vehicles involved:

  1. Amicable accident finding complete
  2. Statement of the event to the Insurer
  3. RCA + Vehicle registration certificate of the person at fault (copy)
  4. The contact phone number of the person at fault.

B. Serious accident or involving more than two cars:

  1. Accident report issued by the police agent;
  2. Repair authorization issued by the police agent;
  3. Annex 2, alcohol test (in case of accidents with victims);
  4. Statement of the event to the Insurer

If at the delivery of the car not all the documents from the Insurer (or Police) necessary for the opening of the damage file are presented, the Customer will bear the full value of the damages of the rented car according to the estimate received from the Car Rental Company.

In the event of an accident or damage resulting from the fault of the customer (including the situation in which the car is found damaged in the parking lot and / or with shavings in the glazed surfaces), the deposit will be retained. If the value of the repair is higher than 5000 euro (explained by a repair pricing estimate from a RAR agreed service unit), the customer will pay 20% of the amount of the damage. These amounts may be paid in cash or may be withheld from the card (present or not) which was used for the initial payment of the rent/deposit.

Cronoscar is obliged that, if the costs of the repairs for damage caused by the customer is less than the amount of the deposit retained at the return of the car, it shall return the difference, justified by an estimate from a RAR agreed service unit.


The customer pays in full, at the delivery of the car, both the rent and option costs and the amount of the deposit and any additional fees set by contract. Invoicing is made in LEI at UniCredit bank exchange rate, which can be consulted at We accept cash or Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard.

Rates do not include fuel costs, road taxes (other than road vignette for Romania), any fines posted during the rental period, parking fees, non-insurance damage. All these amounts will be paid by the Client.

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